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Garden Trio

Garden Trio

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The Garden Trio includes three coordinating dip powders.  These are designed to be perfect together or alone, which takes out all the guesswork.

-- Sittin' Pretty - a solid light teal green
-- Garden Stroll - white, purple and teal green chunky glitter mix
-- Bloom Where You Are -- light lavender purple shimmer

Dip powders come in a 0.25-ounce jar. This is enough powder for 5+ full manicures depending on nail length, shape, the number of dips, and thickness of the layers used.

We fill our jars right to the top. This means you get more powder, but it also means that overflow is bound to happen. We recommend placing jars in a cupcake liner or on a clean sheet of paper before dipping so that any overflow can be poured back into the jar.

How to use Dip Powder

Visit our YouTube channel to learn how to use our Dip Powder System

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0.25oz jar (5-7 full manicures)

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